Membership Details

Are you a regular visitor to Yarrambat Park? Are you looking to make Yarrambat Park your ‘local’? Memberships are easy, cost effective and give you regular access to Yarrambat Park Golf Course!

There are a number of membership options available ranging from five-day golf memberships to seven-day golf memberships with options for pensioners, juniors and weekday players.

A membership at Yarrambat Park Golf Course is exceptional value. From just $24.00 per week, you get unlimited use of our golf course. Plus, with our member credit facility there is no need to carry cash, so you don’t have to worry about your wallet.

We look forward to you becoming a member with us - start saving today!


Membership Types


7-Day Golf


7-Day Golf - Junior (under 16 years old)


5-Day Golf


5-Day Golf - Senior


5-Day Golf - Concession/Pensioner



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