Junior Golf Academy

Junior Golf Academy

The junior golf academy is conducted during school terms for 10 weeks per term, with a maximum number of six children, and is available to boys and girls aged between six and 15 years old.


Why Us?

The junior golf academy programs and coaching structure are specifically designed for identifying and nurturing tomorrow’s future champions. We understand that the early stages of a child’s motor skills development are the most critical, which is why our programs are designed to nurture all aspects of your child’s development.

Our junior development program was founded in 2002 and has been highly successful in Asia. We believe caters to all age groups and all levels of golfers abilities from complete beginners through to elite golfers.

It is important to know that boys and girls acquire different skills at different times in their lives. Areas such as strength and speed, along with the development of specific motor skills need to be considered in order to design a program that not only creates successful golfers, but enhances their transition into adult life.

Ideally, we will have classes with kids of matching ability and age groups, but with people having different timetables through other commitments there may be exceptions to this rule. If demand is there, extra classes may be added to accommodate everyone.


Class Times

Classes are held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 4:30pm until 5:30pm, and Saturday from 9:00am until 10:00am and 10:00am until 11:00am.

The cost is $175 per 10-week term.

Handicap Squad (Handicap Golfers Only):

A modern and holistic approach will be taken. Players at this level are usually in the prime age for body and swing adjustments that will shape their swing for most of their life. Making sure we recognise growth spurts and strength improvements and how this affects technique is crucial to the long-term benefits of the student. This term will cover all facets of the game, including:

  • Swing technique and video analysis
  • Shot making
  • Short game development
  • Course management - scoring
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Golf psychology
  • Tournament preparation
Junior Class – Saturday 10:00am (6 – 9 years old):

In this class, we are introducing the game to most participants, so the focus is on fun whilst maintaining a safe environment. Golf skills will be covered each week, but we get better at golf by also introducing other sports in a cross training manner that helps develop the students golfing movements and motor skills.

Junior Class – Saturday 9:00am (9 years old and above):

In this class, we are preparing the students for the golf course. Some may already have golf course experience, but the majority do not, and we endeavour to teach them the correct etiquette and safety required on the golf course, as well as technique improvements in all forms of the game. Lessons will cover swing practice, video analysis, short game, rules, etiquette and safety.


During the term we will have an ongoing points system for all classes, which we call the OOM (Order of Merit). The idea of this is to develop the child’s concentration, as well as their understanding of what the crucial aspects of golf really are. While it’s great to improve, play well and receive points from the competitive side of the lessons, there are more points available for reliability in attendance, punctuality and behaviour, as well as points lost for poor safety and etiquette.

This is designed to teach the student that in golf, we have a code of conduct and traditions in respecting each other and the game that not only will make them better people to play golf with, but moving forward help them become a valuable member of society.

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