7-Day Unlimited Access

Come in store to pay $1,405.00 P/A

7-Day Grass Lands Young Members Club (U40's)

Come in store to pay $978.50 P/A

Junior Golf (16yrs & Under)

Come in store to pay $360.00 P/A

5-Day Access

Come in store to pay $978.50 P/A

5-Day Senior

Come in store to pay $875.50 P/A

5-Day Concession/Pension

Come in store to pay $662.50 P/A

Membership Options

Are you a regular visitor to Yarrambat Park? Are you looking to make Yarrambat Park your ‘local’? Memberships are easy, cost effective and give you regular access to Yarrambat Park Golf Course! 

JOIN TODAY under any of our affordable options below. Our most expensive membership option is the same as a nine hole, public green fee. So if you play 9 holes once a week, you break even!  

Click here to see the User Guide to our Timesheet Rules, which clarifies our tee allocations and access times for social and competition players.

Competition blocks are reserved for our resident Yarrambat Park Ladies Golf Club (est. 1989), with the main block being Tuesday morning and also a small block allocated on Thursday.

Competition blocks are reserved for our other resident Yarrambat Golf Club (est. 2005), with the main block being Wednesday and Saturday morning, with small blocks also allocated on Monday and Sunday.

The Golf Course facilitates a Seniors (Get Into Golf) 9-hole competition on Thursdays around 10:30am, for our Super Seniors! This competition has its own, unique rules (outside of the R&A), and as a result these rounds cannot be handicapped. However, it is an inclusive, social initiative that steps seniors in the area closer to overcoming their anxieties around playing competition golf, and instead experiencing the benefits.

There are a number of membership options available ranging from five-day golf memberships to seven-day golf memberships with options for pensioners, juniors and weekday players.

A membership at Yarrambat Park Golf Course is exceptional value. From just $26.70 per week, you get unlimited use of our golf course (7 days a week!). Plus, with our member credit facility there is no need to carry cash, so you don’t have to worry about your wallet.

We look forward to you becoming a member with us - start saving today!

Policies & Guidelines

At Yarrambat Park Golf Course we are 100% committed to the goals of the following policies and adopted guidelines. 

By joining as a member, you agree to demonstrating the etiquette required to assist us in these outcomes. All membership applications to the Yarrambat Park Ladies Golf Club (est. 1989) and Yarrambat Golf Club (est. 2005) are managed by the Committees separate to your course access membership, which is managed by the Golf Course. 

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